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Icom VHF Portable Pager

Icom F50V

This portable pager is small and compacted. It can do both page and receive pages. This portable can come with vibrate/Record as well. This portable is narrowband compliant device. The unit also meets the physical demand of firefighting as well its a military grade rated IP67 for dust tight and waterproof protection Rated at 6Feet for 30 minutes underwater. Record time is 8 minutes. The Sensing Charger is to be used if you have the radio on in the charger base without harming the radio. We also have Ext. Mic from standard to Water proof Mics. The battery is a Lithium-Ion 1700 mAh.

VHF Models 136-174MHz

F50V01DTC - Trickle Charger & AC Adapter

F50V01RC - Rapid Charger & AC Adapter

F50V01SC - Sensing Charger & AC Adapter

F50V11DTC - Trickle Charger & AC Adapter ( Vibrate/Record)

F50V11RC - Rapid Charger & AC Adapter ( Vibrate/Record)

F50V11SC - Sensing Charger & AC Adapter (Vibrate/Record) 

F50V81DTC - Trickle Charger & AC Adapter (IS) Intrinsically Safe

F50V81RC - Rapid Charger & AC Adapter (IS) Intrinsically Safe

F50V81SC - Sensing Charger & Adapter (IS) Intrinsically Safe



Tones: Up to 10 Two Tones